Hello fellow anglers, Captain Jacob Hill here with my fall fishing report from beautiful Islamorada in the Florida Keys.  Fishing has been fantastic this late summer and moving into fall. Yesterday marked the first day of fall and it actually felt like it here in Islamorada.  It is a nice welcome change as it was a brutally hot summer. So far we have been spared this hurricane season and with two months left, fingers crossed we will be left alone….  Our thoughts, prayers, and hurricane supplies have all been sent to the poor victims of hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. If you are able to do so, I urge you to donate anything you can to the wonderful people that call the hurricane ravaged Bahamas home, God knows they need our help.

On to our backcountry fishing in Islamorada..  Winds have been blowing lately and fall king tides have started.  On calmer mornings in recent outings the tarpon fishing on fly and spinning has been very productive the first hour or two of sunlight.  Although these aren’t the bigger migrating fish we see in the spring, these 5-30lb fish provide great action and are much more eager to eat a well placed fly or soft plastic.  Their acrobatics during a fight is truly a sight to see. Bonefishing has been better than I have ever seen in my ten years here in the keys. It is awesome to see their comeback from the harsh winter of 2010 that killed many of the population.  Most fish caught in recent trips have been 8lbs or better. Whether sight casting or soaking bait in the early morning hours, the runs that these fish give is like no other. They are by far my favorite fish to target here in Islamorada.

Running deep into Everglades National Park has been very productive as well.  Snook, Redfish, Trout, Snapper, and juvenile Goliath Grouper have been plentiful.  It’s also great to see the redfish coming back into the park after our grass die off of 2015.  Large schools of reds have been on the flats near flamingo on incoming tides. They are such a fun fish and are always eager to eat a properly placed soft plastic.  Some days they are so fired up a bare jighead will even do the trick!! Snook are moving around back there and provide great sight fishing stalking the mangrove shorelines.  If I’m fishing customers looking for dinner the snapper bite has also been excellent in the park. While snapper fishing catching a 5-15lb goliath is becoming increasing likely.  They were also victims of the harsh winter nearly a decade ago, however this past spring, summer, and into now fall, they are a daily catch while snapper fishing. Trout will be heating up as the temps cool and mullet pour into the bay.  

Bottom line, the fishing has been excellent when conditions and tides align,  catching many species on full day trips has provided much excitement and mixing it up with a variety of species is a great way to spend the day.  Give me a shout and lets book your day. I always try my hardest to provide you with the best tight lined day possible.

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Tight Lines, 

Captain Jacob Hill